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Terms and conditions for WBA Baseball School + 4 Workouts

Terms & Conditions for Baseball School Membership:

This is a month to month membership.


• You may cancel this membership with 30 days notice. If your next billing cycle is within the 30 day window, you will be charged that next billing cycle at the time of cancellation and you membership will expire 30 days from the originally scheduled next billing cycle.

• All payments are non-refundable.

• This membership does include 4 training workouts. Additional Training workouts must be purchased separately. Unused Training Workouts do NOT roll-over to the next billing cycle.

• The number of specific sessions in the Training Group Course may vary from season to season.

• The student will be enrolled in all the sessions of a Training Group Course each season.

• This membership is one particular student and is non-transferable.

Students can make up missed sessions only if another session is available at his level.

Workouts in leu of Training Group Course: with the approval of the Academy, a student may choose not to participate in a Training Group Course for a particular season and instead receive additional workouts, which will expire at the end of that particular quarter provided that the membership fee is timely paid. These additional workouts will NOT roll-over to the next season. The number of the additional workouts will be 12 if the decision not to do the training group is completed prior to the start of the quarter, otherwise the number of additional workouts will be prorated.

Membership Holds: You may place this membership on hold one time each year for a maximum period of 3 months per year for a fee of $35.

Other Fees: Tournament fees, team fees, extra training workouts and other Academy fees are not included in the fees of this membership plan.