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Purchase WBA Baseball School + 2 Workouts

This Baseball School Membership provides one student access to the current course being offered for a specific age training group. This also provides 2 workouts per month (no roll-overs from month to month).

Your student must have completed an evaluation prior to purchasing a membership.

Note: All payments are non-refundable. This membership is not transferable and does NOT entitle the student to any training workouts, which must be purchased separately. You can cancel this membership with 30 days notice

For qualifying athletes, we offer an exclusive baseball school, which includes progressive Training Courses that runs each season. We use the latest research in skill acquisition to help our athletes advance in all aspects of the game. (Space is limited).

Athletes will also have the ability to attend 2 Workouts per month, which allows each individual the time and resources to focus on specific areas in which they need to improve (hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, etc). Unused workouts do not roll-over to the next billing cycle.

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