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Walbeck Baseball Academy

Main Location


Complete Player Workout - Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Catching From $65 per visit with 1 Workout - Non-members passPurchase required to enroll

We encourage players to work on all parts of their game, but if they desire, they may choose to work on their hitting for the entire training session.

Each player’s progress is tracked every time they train in our Complete Player Workout. WBA Certified Instructors and each player is on the same page for what it is they are focusing on offensively and defensively.

Individualized 85 minute group training sessions designed for players focusing on their baseball goals.

Flexible scheduling availability with 2-3 training sessions six days a week.

Hitting, Fielding, Running, Pitching, Catching

-Captured Video
-Personalized drills

Intermediate and Advanced players may choose to focus on their specific needs during each Complete Player Workout session.

Bat, batting helmet, glove, protective cup, athletic attire (baseball pants, hat), and catcher’s gear.

No cleats/spikes, gum, seeds, foot in training area. Turrf or athletic shoes only.


Evaluation/Tryout for Training and Travel Events $15 per classPurchase required to enroll

Each player’s fundamental skills will be measured objectively and subjectively by a WBA Certified Instructor.
We will follow up the following week with our recommendation of the best possible training program for your student.
    • Baseball Fundamental Skills Training - Grades K-12
    • 2020 Travel Events
      • 8U-14U MLK (Holiday Weekend - Orange County)
      • 12U Cooperstown (Summer)
      • 12U-14U Omaha (Summer - College World Series)
Players ages 7-12 who plan on attending our Gritty Gamers Summer Camp are not required to enroll in an Evaluation.

Camps & Clinics

GRITTY GAMERS (2-day Camp) $95Purchase required to enroll

Enroll in WBA Gritty Gamers Camp today. Catch the fun and get ready for Fall Ball at WBA's ALL SKILLS Baseball Camp. Your student will gain skills and confidence through a positive coaching style, cultivating winning attitudes in every student!

Offering morning and afternoon sessions.

More info about our GRITTY GAMERS Baseball Camps at https://www.walbeckbaseball.com/grittygamers

GRITTY GAMERS (3 Day Camp) $149Purchase required to enroll

Enroll in WBA Spring Break Camp for only $149, TODAY! Enjoy your Spring Break at Walbeck Baseball Academy!
April 17th- April 19th. 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

GRITTY GAMERS (4-Day Baseball Camp) $195Purchase required to enroll

Enroll in WBA Gritty Gamers Summer Camp today for only $195! Catch the fun this summer at WBA's ALL SKILLS Baseball Summer Camp. Your student will gain skills and confidence through a positive coaching style, cultivating winning attitudes in every student!

Offering morning and afternoon sessions starting in June 2020.

Come enjoy your Summer at Walbeck Baseball Academy! Offering both morning and afternoon sessions. Enroll Today!

More info about our GRITTY GAMERS Baseball Summer Camp at https://www.walbeckbaseball.com/grittygamers

Specialty Training Classes

Backstops - Matt Walbeck’s Catcher’s Corner (Invite/Waitlist Only) Plans available from $45Purchase required to enroll

Matt Walbeck’s Catcher’s Corner is an invite only class and will be taught by MLB Veteran Catcher, Matt Walbeck. The Fall class will focus on the finer points of blocking balls, and throwing mechanics to second base. Attendance is not required but encouraged. Each class will build off of the previous class with specific drills and progressions, so we encourage students to attend each class.
Currently, the fall schedule is on Thursdays, 8/29, 9/12, 10/3, 10/17, 11/7, 11/21 at 4:00-5:25.
Players who are invited must enroll on the waitlist for each specific class. They will be added to the class by a WBA staff member and will receive a confirmation email notification.
There is no additional cost for these classes. A training session will be deducted off of your membership the same as it would for a Complete Player Workout.
Players who have not been invited but wish to be invited, are encouraged to email us at support@walbeckbaseball.com with a request.
This class will be intense and only serious catchers have been invited. The Fall sessions are not age specific, but rather, first come first serve, as an invite only basis for a select number of students.

WBA Intensive Training - Fielding - Funneling Ground Balls (Invite/Waitlist Only) From $65 per visit with 1 Workout - Non-members passPurchase required to enroll

Our Fielding - Funneling Ground Balls class is an invite only class built for players who we have determined require primary attention on funneling.

This class has been created to help players who have been invited and are focusing on funneling routine ground balls properly.

Not all players training at WBA have this issue, therefore have not been invited.

Players who receive an invitation to join this intensive class are required to enroll to the waitlist, and will be enrolled by a WBA Staff Member manually. A training session will be deducted off of your membership if you choose to enroll your student (on to the waitlist to be added). If you currently have all of your workouts scheduled you may purchase an extra one at checkout for $45, or consider cancelling a future workout to allow for enrollment in this intensive class.

Private Lessons - Lesson package discounts are available to members prior to checkout.

Private Lesson with MATT WALBECK $75 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

Learn from one of the most top qualified private instructors in our area, Matt Walbeck.

Matt's professional baseball experience comes from 25 years of playing, coaching, and managing professional baseball. There are no other coaches in Northern California who can compare experience wise, and Matt's ability to help simplify matters and quickly assess a players strength and weakness comes from years of knowledge working with some of the game's best coaches, managers, and players.

While Matt is well versed in all aspects of the game, he specializes in the catcher's position, pitching, throwing mechanics, batting, and fielding.

He has played in over 1,400 professional games, including 682 at the MLB level as well as catching Scott Erickson's no hitter while playing for the Minnesota Twins in 1994. He shares the same lifetime catcher's fielding percentage as Reds Hall of Famer, Johnny Bench, and is considered one of the best catchers to ever come out of Sacramento, CA.

Along with Matt's impressive playing career, he also holds many accomplishments as a professional baseball manager winning three League Championships, and four Manager of the Year Awards, including Baseball America's Top Minor League Manager of the year in 2007 encompassing all minor league managers. He was the 2008 catching instructor, spring training coordinator, and third base coach for the Texas Rangers.

Matt has either played, coached, or managed for 10 of 30 MLB organizations which adds to his wide knowledge of the game.

Please email support@walbeckbaseball.com to inquire about scheduling a 30 Minute Private Lesson with Matt Walbeck.

30 min Private Lesson with WBA Certified Instructor $55 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

WBA Certified Instructors are currently available for either pitching, or batting instruction. Our Certified Instructors have either played MLB or College baseball and will help take your player's game to the next level.

Please email support@walbeckbasebal.com to inquire about scheduling a 30 minute private lesson with one of our Certified Instructors.