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Specialty Training Classes (Invite Only)

Walbeck Baseball Academy Individual Fundamental Skills Training.

These are specialty classes that will instill fundamental skills in players. There will be multiple class sessions over a series of weeks.

Backstops - Matt Walbeck’s Catcher’s Corner (Invite/Waitlist Only) Plans available from $45Purchase required to enroll

Matt Walbeck’s Catcher’s Corner is an invite only class and will be taught by MLB Veteran Catcher, Matt Walbeck. The Fall class will focus on the finer points of blocking balls, and throwing mechanics to second base. Attendance is not required but encouraged. Each class will build off of the previous class with specific drills and progressions, so we encourage students to attend each class.
Currently, the fall schedule is on Thursdays, 8/29, 9/12, 10/3, 10/17, 11/7, 11/21 at 4:00-5:25.
Players who are invited must enroll on the waitlist for each specific class. They will be added to the class by a WBA staff member and will receive a confirmation email notification.
There is no additional cost for these classes. A training session will be deducted off of your membership the same as it would for a Complete Player Workout.
Players who have not been invited but wish to be invited, are encouraged to email us at support@walbeckbaseball.com with a request.
This class will be intense and only serious catchers have been invited. The Fall sessions are not age specific, but rather, first come first serve, as an invite only basis for a select number of students.

WBA Intensive Training - Fielding - Funneling Ground Balls (Invite/Waitlist Only) $45 per classFrom $65 per visit with 1 Workout - Non-members passPurchase required to enroll

Our Fielding - Funneling Ground Balls class is an invite only class built for players who we have determined require primary attention on funneling.

This class has been created to help players who have been invited and are focusing on funneling routine ground balls properly.

Not all players training at WBA have this issue, therefore have not been invited.

Players who receive an invitation to join this intensive class are required to enroll to the waitlist, and will be enrolled by a WBA Staff Member manually. A training session will be deducted off of your membership if you choose to enroll your student (on to the waitlist to be added). If you currently have all of your workouts scheduled you may purchase an extra one at checkout for $45, or consider cancelling a future workout to allow for enrollment in this intensive class.