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Camps & Clinics, including HS Strength Training

3 Day Camp $125Purchase required to enroll

4-Day Summer Baseball Camp $185Purchase required to enroll

Come enjoy your Summer at Walbeck Baseball Academy! WBA will be holding six youth camps in the Summer of 2018. Three of these camps will focus on hitting; including approach and fundamental movements patterns with emphasis on improving bat speed and batted ball exit velocity (Power Hitting Summer Camp). The other three camps will focus on skill development in a variety of different areas, through a combination of stations designed to challenge the athlete, as well as teaching a love for the game of baseball. Camps will run Monday-Thursday at WBA, with Wednesday being held at Mather Sports Complex.

We ask that each child dress in appropriate athletic attire as well as athletic shoes (NO cleats @ WBA, rubber cleats okay @ Mather). We also ask each child bring a glove, helmet, and bat. Please also pack a small snack/drink.

We are fine if you want to stay and watch, but we ask that all parents remain in the lobby (WBA) or in the stands (Mather). We want the kids to interact with each other and the coaches independently. The lobby/stands will provide a great vantage point for most of the action, but we prefer parents not interact with kids during the camp. If there is ever an issue, please bring it to the attention of one of our coaches and we will be very happy to deal with it immediately.

Defensive Baseball Camp - with Andy Fox (Boston Red Sox Minor League Infield Coordinator) $49Purchase required to enroll

This Defensive Baseball Camp will feature Special Guest Instructor Andy Fox (Boston Red Sox Minor League Infield Coordinator). We will cover: infielding, outfielding, middle infield play, and corner infield play.

Clinic Information: www.WalbeckBaseball.com/thanksgiving

Winter Catching Camp - with MLB Veteran Catcher Matt Walbeck $35 per classPurchase required to enroll

Former MLB Veteran Catcher, Matt Walbeck will be running this catcher's camp which is for players looking to raise their level of competitiveness at the catcher's position.

Ages: 7-17

The focus will be on the following fundamentals:

- Stances
- Receiving
- Throwing
- Footwork
- Blocking
- Fielding Bunts

Catchers are encouraged to have their own catcher's gear. WBA will not provide catcher's gear or equipment for this camp.

Winter Advanced Catching Camp - with MLB Veteran Catcher Matt Walbeck (9th grade through College) - Invite only $75 per class

This is an invite only camp. Players interested in enrolling must email support@walbeckbaseball.com. One of our staff members will follow up.

Advanced players in grades 9th-College will learn Major League catching fundamentals from former MLB Veteran Catcher, Matt Walbeck.

This camp is for only serious catchers who want to play at their next respective level.

Catchers must be able to consistently:
- Throw the ball accurately to all three bases
- Consistently catch strikes
- Block pitches in the dirt

All catchers must be properly equipped with well fitting gear.

Winter Advanced Catching - Video Analysis/Pop-Time $35 per class

This is a separate service that will include video analysis and pop times recorded by Matt Walbeck.

Only catchers enrolled in the Winter Advanced Catching Camp are eligible. A WBA Staff Member will enroll players and this session is only available to 10 catchers. Please email support@walbeckbaseball.com to inquire about enrolling.